Just A Matter Of Time

Jade is dating super sexy personal trainer Eli Turner and he's the best thing that's happened to her in a long time.  The only problem is that Eli is very secretive about his personal life, which makes Jade think he's hiding something.  But no matter how things appear, she has no intentions of giving up her prize.

Sierra has the perfect life to those around her with her handsome husband Tyler,  beautiful daughter Shelby and successful day spa.  But when things get boring in the bedroom and Tyler refuses to compromise, Sierra wants more.  When the sultry Alexis Montague walks into her spa, she gets more than what she bargained for.

Taylor is married to David Morgan, one of the wealthiest men in Durham County, which is a long way from the poor girl she grew up as.  Even though she has everything she's dreamed of, she's still not satisfied.  As she struggles to have excitement in her life and keep her past a secret, she soon discovers she may not be the only one keeping secrets.

Time Waits For No One

Best friends Jade, Sierra and Taylor are back in this steamy sequel to Just A Matter Of Time.  Just when the ladies thought things couldn't get any more chaotic, their lives shift into full gear.

Unexpected news from the past, betrayal and even murder plague their world.  Their friendship is tested as they each deal with their own issues and have to make life changing decisions.

But no matter what happens in their circle, they realize that nothing beats the love and support of a friend in your darkest hour.